Our ethos is to give you, the client, what you and your business needs. To do this we employ some or all of the elements below. If you need something that we don’t currently have in our toolkit, then we will resource and source it for you.

Our desire is to embody a growth mindset in everything we do, so our toolkit is never static and ever growing. We invest a proportion of time in continuous professional development so that we stay at the forefront of our practice.

Let’s work in harmony

  • The team are really pleased with the training, the coaching sessions have started to take place and team members have come to speak to me about how the sessions have been – they have LOVED them! Your facilitation and time keeping was great, I was really happy with everything.

    Kathryn Jeacock Catapult
  • Vicky is a great Business Coach. I have just started out in the Tech industry moving from an established career in Oil and Gas engineering. The amount of information to deal with is daunting however Vicky has helped me so much in focusing my attention on what really matters when it comes to marketing my own personal brand. She helped me gain insight in my own strengths and how I could leverage that going forward.
    Jason Mans
  • I recently had some one to one sessions with Vicky, within a short space of time we identified areas where I could improve many aspects of my life inside and outside of work. it was a real eye opener for me and allowed me to form short, medium and longterm goals that were achievable and would benefit me and those around me. I would do it again as and when I get the opportunity to stand back and look objectively at what I'm doing, why and for whom. She's given me the ability to do all this while not pushing me into situations that didn't "fit" who I am or being judgemental. She does all this with a chilled zen that puts you totally at ease and gets to the heart of the matter. Everyone needs a Vicky in their corner.

    Keith Jones
  • Coaching Harmony is aptly named because Vicky takes a holistic approach when she coaches you, harmonising many aspects of your life to achieve better balance. She is an insightful, compassionate and natural coach who brings out the best in you. She is highly intuitive and picks up as much on what you do not say, as on all the verbal clues. Vicky quickly instils a level of trust, getting to know the real you. Her style is both encouraging yet challenging and she intuitively knows when to question you a little deeper to help bring you to an answer. She is not afraid to challenge you when a more robust approach is required. Her sessions are well-structured and always action-orientated. She tests that level of commitment to follow-through, which is how she achieves success. I have really valued her support, the new perspective she brings, and the self-belief that she has engendered during our sessions together.

    Gillian Collins
  • Vicky is an insightful, patient and incredibly creative business coach. When I first began having sessions with her I was struggling with balancing running my art school and my freelance practice, I was starting to feel like I could not see the trees for the forest or keep my eye on the bigger picture. Through my sessions with Vicky she has helped me to identify opportunities to streamline my business, identify key areas for growth, cut away or learn to delegate the less vital day to day tasks so that I can create the space to analyse and keep track of the bigger picture of my business. Simply put Vicky is fantastic, patient and very insightful and her coaching has made an incredible difference to my livelihood and my stress levels! Can not recommend highly enough.

    Liam Kelleher
  • Vicky is great! If you can't see the woods for the trees, she has a way of shining a light on the problem and making you face up to the truth of a situation. Not only that but she is also well equipped to give you strategies to work through those issues. Highly recommended as a business coach.    

    Matthew Grant
  • Vicky was truly excellent at helping me to crystallise my goals and worked with me to plan out a strategy to achieve them. There are things I knew I needed to improve or change, but didn’t have a clear vision on how to do that until Vicky illuminated a path. It turned out that there were also things I wasn’t aware of and Vicky helped to uncover those with her insightful questions and again gave me the tools and confidence to tackle them. I have stepped up a couple of gears at work and am now operating at a more strategic level, thanks to Vicky.

    Paul V
  • Coaching has really helped me to find my focus again. I was plodding through my business, knowing I needed to do something to move up a level from where I was, but not ever finding time to. Vicky helped me sit down, find out where I was, where I wanted to be, and helped me discover the things I need to achieve to get me there. I loved that the coaching wasn't just about my business - it incorporated life coaching as well, and allowed me to identify beliefs I had that were holding me back in both my business and my home life. Over the four sessions I've had so far, I've achieved a lot more than I thought I would both in my business and my personal life. I've booked in for a 'Business MOT' in 6 months, just to reset my goals and re-evaluate where I am. Vicky has a brilliant mix of encouragement, agreement and kicking me into action when I need it! I've had coaching previously, but no one has ever worked as holistically on all aspects as my life as Coaching Harmony - I very highly recommend it!

    Caroline Storey
  • Loved working with you Vicky! Challenging issue I thought I had at the beginning of coaching became so simple and solution is just right there. Thank you. Would recommend coaching with Vicky!

    Anastasia Bolton
  • I would recommend Vicky's coaching as either group sessions or 1-2-1. I have attended insightful group sessions led by Vicky to demonstrate coaching techniques and practices, this has enabled me to consider alternative communication techniques, problem solving and being more adaptive in my style. I have also attended 1-2-1 sessions with Vicky where she successfully coached me through (typical) work situations and helped me focus on my personal priorities and ambitions. Thank you Vicky!

    Laura Simmons
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