Our vision: To work with businesses, leaders, teams and individuals so that we can help them grow, flourish and thrive.

At Coaching Harmony we work with businesses to make a difference to how people experience work, to help people live happy and fulfilled lives. We believe in a happier and healthier world of work.

We are a determined and entrepreneurial team, who work with honesty, curiosity, passion and open-hearts. We are lifelong learners who love to collaborate.

Our Values are:


We will provide the service your business needs, when your business needs it. We will say it how it is. If a service isn’t right for your business then it won’t be offered. If we don’t have the skill or experience you need then we will say so. We genuinely care about your business, your challenges and plans for growth. We will be sincere and straightforward in our dealings with you. We are always transparent with pricing and who we are using to deliver your work. No hidden extras. Ever.


We are always curious; about your business, about wellbeing and development, about new ways of working. We will always strive to stay ahead of the curve in organisational, leadership, team and individual development so that you don’t need to. We have the knowledge and skills to provide the expertise your business needs.


We are passionate about development and all things wellbeing. We are passionate about your company, your people and the results we can help you achieve.

Open Hearted 

We work with open-hearts. We know business is tough, challenging and sometimes lonely. We are not here to judge. We are here to work with you, as trusted partners who work with you, with kindness and compassion to overcome your challenges.


We are determined to deliver great results. We are future focussed and solutions orientated. We love to solve complex problems. We are responsive and reliable, with an ambitious drive to achieve our mission!


We will harmonise with your business so that we are an extension of your company, we want you to think of us as part of your team. We will work with you to bring on board our known and trusted associates – whatever works best for you.

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