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Vicky Glanville


Vicky’s story

I have always been passionate about people and communication. While studying business at university I always found it difficult to decide between HR and Marketing but plumped for Marketing as my career path.

But working with people was always an itch I needed to scratch. During my marketing career I worked closely with the HR teams in the organisations that I worked in. At The AA, I was part of the coaching and mentoring team and on the board for Employee Engagement. We were responsible for making The AA a Great Place to Work.

When I left The AA, I set up Marketing Harmony – a small marketing agency that focused on harmonising with client needs. I felt that formalising my coaching skills would be a useful addition to my skill set so I trained with the ILM and completed the Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring certification which allowed me to carry on my coaching work. I also trained and qualified as a yoga teacher and fully embraced my portfolio career.

I’m a great believer that if you give something space and enough oxygen it will grow. My coaching practice grew and Coaching Harmony was born.

My passion for working with people and helping them work through issues and challenges gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Combining coaching, mental health awareness and wellbeing practices is a cornerstone to my work.

I love getting into the nitty gritty of my clients issues and working with them to create workable, realistic and relatable solutions. Bringing Kathryn into the team has been the perfect extension of that approach. Together, we have the business acumen, entrepreneurial drive, coaching and HR experience to really help our clients. And we have great fun doing it!

Kathryn Jeacock


Kathryn’s story

I met Vicky whilst I was working as Chief People Officer at Satellite Applications Catapult. I had been brought into the organisation to support the business transition from start-up phase to scale up and growth.

As an innovation and technology organisation I recognised many of the leaders were geniuses in their technical profession but had not received development in core people leadership skills. What we needed was a highly experiential learning and development program, that would have maximum learning transfer back into day to day work. I engaged Coaching Harmony to co-create a development journey with me, that would leave an impression… ‘The People Experience’ was born. Vicky and her team of Associates delivered a powerful program to over 50 leaders, people managers and rising stars at the Catapult. It was a truly transformational program for the business.

During this time, I was thinking about my own career journey and where my next adventure would be. I jumped at the opportunity to become a part of Coaching Harmony, to take this truly transformational People Experience, out to many more businesses.

Vicky and I make a great team because our complimentary skills create a great harmony. We are both experienced Senior Leaders within our professions and we are both passionate about the transformational power of coaching. In addition to Vicky’s business experience she also brings her expertise in health and wellbeing, which works in perfect harmony with my expertise in team coaching and people, which creates a really vibrant approach to organisational wellbeing and success.

The best thing I love about being a part of Coaching Harmony, is our mission to create a better, more human and healthier working environment, which supports the whole person and unlocks people’s potential.

Our approach is to work with associates to create teams that will deliver transformational programs for your business.

Let’s work in harmony

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